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Plans to Meet Your Needs

For businesses and professional practices with one employee or many, who desire a customized qualified retirement plan. We can help maximize the business owners tax benefits while providing an important employee benefit to help employees work towards achieving  retirement readiness.


As independent financial advisors, we offer flexibility among many platform providers, such as the American Funds, AssetMark, Fidelity Investment and JP Morgan among many more. We only offer open architecture platforms utilizing institutional share class investment options.

Transparency and Fiduciary Protection

Our fees are transparent, and we only work with platform providers utilizing institutional quality investments and providing fiduciary protection to your, the plan sponsor.

Participant Success

We believe a retirement plan is more than an employee benefit, it is a critical component of an employee’s retirement readiness.  In addition to group meetings, webinars and newsletters, we will meet one-on-one with your employees to provide education and help develop a path for a successful retirement.

Business Services

Group 401(k)

401(k) plans are powerful ways to get your employees ready for retirement. Our 401k services will help you control costs, simplify administration, and offer your employees a plan to prepare them for retirement.

Our plan design and consulting services ensure your retirement plan will meet your business needs and help attract and retain employees.

Our focus on your employees will support them on their path to retirement readiness. Our holistic approach provides group training and education, but more importantly, we meet one- on-one with your employees to help them develop a plan to become retirement ready. Participant websites also provide easy access, guidance, and education.

Our retirement plans will provide access to institutional investment lineups including:

  • Target-date portfolios
  • Risk-based portfolios
  • Socially responsible and faith-based portfolios
  • Stand-alone funds

As independent financial advisors, we work with many open architecture plan providers including, AssetMark, Fidelity Investments, American Funds, JP Morgan Chase, among others. As the plan sponsor, you have fiduciary responsibilities. Our plan providers will offer you access to ERISA 3(38) Investment Managers. These investment managers remove you from virtually all fiduciary responsibility related to investments in your plan.

Solo 401(k) Plans

Solo 401(k) plans offer self-employed individuals, and their spouses, the largest opportunity to maximize the contributions they can put in a retirement plan. You will receive the same benefits as you would with a traditional 401(k) small business plan enabling you to save for retirement with tax advantages and loan capabilities.

As with our group 401(k) services, you will have access to a fully bundled package that includes a variety of institutional investment options coupled with full service and support including online tools and retirement education.

Profit Sharing Plans

A profit-sharing plan is a type of retirement plan that gives employers flexibility in designing key features. It allows the employer to choose how much to contribute to the plan (out of profits or otherwise) each year, including making no contribution for a year. A profit-sharing contribution is not tied to an employee’s contribution to a retirement plan. All eligible employees receive a profit-sharing contribution. Profit sharing contributions must be allocated to eligible participants using a definite, predefined allocation formula that’s stated in the plan document. Profit sharing plans can be stand-alone or combined with a 401(k) plan.

Cash Balance Plans

Many owners are looking for larger tax deductions and accelerated retirement savings. Cash Balance Plans may be the perfect solution. A cash balance plan is a defined benefit retirement plan that expresses the retirement benefit in terms that are more characteristic of a defined contribution plan. The plan communicates the defined benefit to employees as an account balance rather than an annual amount payable for life.

Participants have their “own” account resembling that of a 401(k) or profit sharing plan. This account receives contribution and interest credits each year. The contribution credit is defined in the plan typically as a percentage of pay while the interest credit is either a fixed rate or a variable rate linked to an index.

Employer contributions are determined by an actuary and specified in the plan document. It can be a percentage of pay or a flat dollar amount. Contributions to a cash balance plan is age dependent. Cash balance plans may allow business owners to contribute on a pretax basis up to $245,000 in 2022. Cash balance plans also provide benefits to employees. You may want to consider a Cash Balance Plan if:

  • You currently sponsor a 401k for your company and would like to defer more than $64,500 annually or if employer contributions to the plan are greater than employee contributions
  • You are a professional services firm with owners who are 50 or older and maxing out contributions
  • You have an Individual 401(k) and make more than $150,000 annually

Group 403(b) Plans

403(b) plans are typically offered by public education institutions, hospitals, churches, and certain other tax-exempt associations like state-run non-profit organizations. By offering a 403(b) plan, your organization can provide an opportunity for your employees to save for retirement with tax-deferred growth, higher contribution limits and diversified investment options.

As independent financial advisors, we work with AssetMark, Fidelity and TIAA to offer your 403(b) plan streamlined enrollment, institutional investment portfolios and easy access to information.

Business Succession Planning

The retirement of death of a partner or major stockholder in a business can have a devastating effect on both the value of the business and the departing partner’s ownership interest.  A carefully planned transition incorporates cash flow and liquidity issues, taxes, and retirement income for the departing partner/owner.

Buy-Sell arrangements, with signed documents, are key to the effective transfer of the entity. These arrangements secure the financial needs of the family and help to ensure the continuation of the business.  Succession planning requires a team approach and should include the financial advisor, the accountant, and the attorney.  Along with being part of your team, we will be able to refer you to the other professionals that are needed for your arrangements.

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